CROWN TEXTURA Driftwood & ZELUSO Cashmere

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The Textura offeres 9 modern textured wood and stone effect to create a striking kitchen. Available handle-less or with a wide variety of handles and can be paired with any of the Colour or Painted Fushion ranges.

The Zeluso provides a matt fininsh in 11 neutral shades which can again be matched with any colours or styles from the Painted or Colour Fushion ranges to create a realy unique kitchen.

Take a look at the Colour Explorer to start experimenting with colours and styles to create the perfect kitchen for you and your home.

All Crown kitchens come with soft close doors and drawers as standard and with a wide variety of drawer widths and cabinet heights, including optional pantries and larder units.  Drawer Boxes come in silver, white, black, grey, oak or with half or full glass sides to either enhance or complement your kitchen style. Extra design features such as Stay Lift Cabinets and Up and Over Cabinets, both with smooth motion and variable stop can be added to ensure that your kitchen is functional as well as beautiful.

Please contact us for more details or to arrange a free design consultation.

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